We will develop a comprehensive training Handbook for educators to help them implement high-effective STEAM events.
Our aim is to shape young minds to use their creativity and intellect and to create useful, sustainable and valuable things.
STEM educators will learn how to run STEAM activities using Design Sprint and Challenge Based Learning methodologies.
We will help young people who don't self-identify as candidates for STEM pathways to have a positive experience of STEM subjects.
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Development Lab is a follow-up of the Mind over matter Erasmus+ partnership from 2021.

In Mind over Matter, an innovative, hands-on, inquiry-based methodology that demystifies science and scientific processes was developed and piloted, with the goal of increasing motivation among young people for STEM and STEAM fields.

Development Lab will translate the non-formal experience from MoM into the formal educational context. This is done by providing resources and knowledge to high school STEM teachers on how to implement STEAM activities using Design Sprint and Challenge Based Learning methodologies in their schools.
Thus, the project will contribute to the common goal of formal and non-formal education: to provide young people (students) with relevant and meaningful knowledge to enhance their capacity to learn and pursue STEM and STEAM educational paths and careers.